Car Rental Company Orent General Rental Terms

These conditions apply to cars and all other Car Rental Company Orent Oy rentals, and Rental Company refers to the party providing the rental and Customer to the renting party.

1. Use of car

The Customer must hold a valid driver's license and have at least one year's driving experience. The Customer should treat the car as his/her own property and take particular care when driving it. The Customer undertakes to drive the car himself/herself. He/she may transfer the car to another person only if this is specifically noted in the rental contract. The Customer also undertakes to use the car only in the intended way. The car must not be used for towing, racing, ice driving, driving lessons or fraudulent or unlawful purposes. When leaving the car, the car must always be locked. The car must be inspected by the Customer prior to the rental and the Rental Company must be notified of any damage or deficiencies found.

2. Payment of rental

Payment methods include cash, Visa Electron and credit cards. The Rental Company has the right, at the time of rental, to make an advance confirmation and blocking and verification of the validity of the payment card. The Rental Company has the right, when a reason for this exists, to debit the Customer's credit card in addition to the rental fee included in the contract with additional charges for the following: agreed basic liability, fuel charges, car delivery and collection fees, payments for prolonged rentals, possible penalties, overdrafts, parking fines, congestion charges and other similar charges, including administrative costs. If the legal person registered as the Customer is unable or unwilling to pay the charges, the person signing the contract will be personally liable for the additional charges provided for in the conditions of the contract. The Rental Company has the right to demand 2 credit cards as guarantee for the rental and/or verify credit details.

3. Responsibility of the Customer

The Customer is liable for repairing any damage to the car and equipment, including replacing lost parts and equipment, cleaning or covering expenses for any unusual larger contamination. Smoking and transport of animals are prohibited. If this ban is violated the actual costs of cleaning the car will be debited. The Customer's deductible for cars is 1200€,  with a possibility to lower it to 600€ by the payment of an extra fee (10€ per day). The Customer must ensure that the car is properly checked, such as for tire pressure, oil and other liquid levels. The car must not be transported outside Finland unless a written agreement has been concluded with the Rental Company. The Customer is fully responsible for any fines, parking fees, congestion charges and any other additional costs incurred, including possible investigation costs. Fuel is not included in the price. The registration and/or rental contract contains information on the type of fuel to be used for the car. The car is delivered and returned with a full tank. A charge of 30€ and 2.50€ per liter will be debited for refueling.

4. Liability of the Customer in case of damages

The Customer is liable for compensation for damage to and loss of the car and the car equipment during the rental period, and to pay for the car idle time during repair, within deductibles limits. Deductibles are charged separately for each case of damage. The Customer shall compensate in full for the damage, without any deductibility, if the damage is caused intentionally or if the Customer has violated the law or traffic rules (eg driving drunk or under the influence of drugs) or if the car is driven in spaces that are too cramped or on poorly maintained roads, or the Customer has used improper fuel or lost the keys or driven an overloaded car or has clearly violated the terms of the contract. The Customer is exempt from any liability, including deductibles, if the Rental Company receives full compensation from a responsible third party or his/her insurance company.

5. Customer actions in case of error, damage, and theft

The Customer must immediately notify the Rental Company of any error or car damage or theft. The police must be notified without delay of theft or crime related to the car. In the event of a traffic accident, the Customer is always required to notify the Rental Company without delay and to act according to the instructions of the Rental Company. If the guilt is ambiguous, the police must be notified. A notification must always be made in the case of personal injury or deer injury. The Customer shall be fully liable for all damages resulting from negligence of the abovementioned notifications.

6. Returning the car at the end of the rental period

The car must be returned to the agreed place at the end of the agreed rental period. The rental period of the contract expires as the car keys are handed over to the Rental Company or delivered according to the agreed instructions. If the Customer fails to do so, the Rental Company is entitled to charge compensation for defaulting rental losses caused by the Customer. If the car is not returned at the end of the rental period, and an extended rental period has not been agreed with the Rental Company, the police will be notified. The Rental Company is not responsible for property left in the car. Returning a car prior to the expiration of the agreed rental period does not oblige the Rental Company to refund the prepaid rental price unless the car is rented under the special conditions specified in the contract. An extension of the rental period can be agreed on by e-mail or SMS or by phone.

7. Termination of the contract

The Rental Company is entitled to terminate this contract, during the rental period, if it becomes apparent that the Customer is materially in violation of this contract or, in the opinion of the Rental Company, unable to handle the car properly. If the use of the car is prevented due to damage or theft, the contract will be terminated upon the Rental Company’s receipt of notice of damage or theft. Upon termination of the contract, the Customer is obliged to return the car without delay to the Rental Company. The Rental Company may terminate the contract if it becomes apparent that the Customer has a credit register record.

8. Car Rental Company responsibilities

The Rental Company is responsible for technical errors in the car not resulting from the Customer's failure to use it properly and/or negligence. In the event of a technical or other error occurring while the car is rented, the Customer may demand a repair or a reasonable reduction of the rental price. The Customer can independently have the car repaired at the expense of the Rental Company, if agreed with the Rental Company. A receipt of the repair work must be provided to the Rental Company. In cases of a more significant fault or error, the Customer may require the rental to be terminated from the date of when the fault occurred. The contract cannot be terminated if the error is corrected within a reasonable time period. The Rental Company is not responsible for direct and indirect costs and damages caused by an interruption of the rental.

10. Conflicts relating to the contract

Conflicts are primarily resolved through negotiation. If conflicts are brought to the court for a ruling, a lawsuit shall be brought to the local court of the Rental Company location. All rights reserved.